The Finale: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

Our four weeks of cooking and eating under the guidance of Patricia Wells have since come to an end, but before we put our copies of Salad as a Meal up on the shelf there are a few more highlights from the participating blogs to share. And truly—the recipes in Salad as a Meal are … Continue reading

Day 28: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge, in which Our Bloggers Go Gaga for Garbanzos

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying a meal with Patricia Wells (and her two publicists—yes, she is that promotable). We went to Pesce, the seafood spot within Eataly, a massive market filled with the most authentic and hard-to-find Italian food products, established by Mario Batali and the Bastianich family. We let Patricia do the ordering, and … Continue reading

Week 3: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

I admit it: I was overwhelmed by the flood of posts our SAAM Challenge bloggers wrote since Thursday evening, and that’s why this wrap-up is two days late. It seems we have two trends among the bloggers: they’re finding Patricia’s recipes easily adaptable to suit their taste preferences or nutritional needs, and they’re all tending … Continue reading

Day 11: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

We are just so impressed with the verve, creativity, and enthusiasm our SAAM Challenge bloggers have brought to their cooking experiences with Patricia Wells’ forthcoming cookbook Salad as a Meal. Just like your local greenmarket in May and June, this week’s round-up of links to related posts is a bumper crop! Treat yourself and take … Continue reading

Day 2: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

The Salad as a Meal Challenge continues with our nine bloggers, who continue to whip up a wide variety of Patricia Wells’ salad creations, while learning about new tricks, ingredients, and flavors in the process. Here’s a peek inside our bloggers’ kitchens this past week, and you can follow the SAAM challenge list on Twitter … Continue reading