Pimento Cheese from The Body in the Wardrobe

If you look up “pimento cheese,” you will find the (probably true) claim that it started in the North, but it is truly the caviar of the South now. As Faith Fairchild explains in the latest installment of the eponymous mystery series by Katherine Hall Page, “If you had grown up in Georgia or South Carolina … Continue reading

Amuse Bouche: Crunch Time

Here at The Secret Ingredient we’re pretty obsessed with food, so of course we love some foodie fun in our mysteries. Nobody does it better than the Julia Child of mystery authors, New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson. Diane has written sixteen mysteries, all featuring caterer/sleuth Goldy Schulz. Her newest book, Crunch Time: A Novel … Continue reading

A Conversation with… Diane Mott Davidson

Diane Mott Davidson is popularly known as the Queen of the Culinary Mystery, so even though she hasn’t yet published a cookbook of her own recipes, we’re delighted to welcome her on The Secret Ingredient to share a little bit about herself and her thoughts on food and cooking. Diane is the author of more … Continue reading