Pressure Perfect by Lorna J. Sass — download now for just $1.99

  If you love cooking with your pressure cooker, we have the perfect cookbook for you, and right now it’s just $1.99! In Pressure Perfect, Lorna Sass, the country’s leading authority on pressure cooking, distills her two decades of experience into one comprehensive volume. First learn everything you need to know about buying and using … Continue reading

Pressure Perfect!

Working in publishing definitely has its perks, so when I found myself debating on whether or not to purchase a pressure cooker for my new apartment, I decided to go straight to the source, someone I knew would put me on the right path to pressure-cooker wisdom—award-winning cookbook author Lorna Sass. Lorna is not only … Continue reading

Would You Go Vegan?

So, Oprah went vegan for a week, and challenged her entire staff to try it too. A vegan diet is one that eschews all animal products: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and even honey, plus all dairy products. It takes some thought and some practice—it’s not quite as simple as switching your latte from skim to … Continue reading