Amatriciana from Twelve Recipes by Cal Peternell

Cooking pasta at home can get boring by just using cheese or sauce from the jar. We think you should spice up your pasta options (literally) with this delicious Amatriciana recipe from Twelve Recipes by Cal Peternell, chef at legendary restaurant Chez Panisse. This sauce is robust in flavor with nice heat from crushed red pepper and … Continue reading

Sicily Brought to Your Table, Thanks to Giorgio Locatelli

It’s our honor to publish on our blog a recipe from Made in Sicily by Giorgio Locatelli, one of Europe’s finest chefs and cookbook authors. Michelin-starred Locatelli is one of Britain’s best-known Italian chefs. He began his career at his family’s restaurant in Italy and in 2002 opened Locanda Locatelli in London, where he remains … Continue reading

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with William Morrow Cookbooks

I’m Italian—as in 100%, pasta on Sundays, bleeds green-white-and-red Italian. And, in just over six months, I’m about to shed my Italian moniker and become very very very (is that enough verys?) Irish. The sad thing is, in the nine (yes, nine) St. Patrick’s Days I’ve celebrated with my boyfriend-now-fiancé, I’ve only had an acceptable … Continue reading

Taking Over Sunday Dinners: Stuffed Meatloaf

Welcome back to another story about taking over the big Italian Sunday Dinner from my father, Papa B, as he recovers from shoulder surgery. Last week I started off my reign by making Braised Pork from the New Brooklyn Cookbook. I was a bit all over the place about what to make this week; I … Continue reading