Cookie Week: Thumbprint Cookies

I have only attempted linzer cookies once in my life. Hours of labor passed by in a haze of creaming and sifting and rolling (and maybe a little swearing).  That day I vowed to trade my rolling pin for a spoon, and stick to drop cookies for the holidays. Luckily, the girls from Alice’s Tea … Continue reading

Mar-tea-nis, Anyone?

As the season begins to change and we move our festive outdoor celebrations indoors, so too does our drink menu change. But does it really have to? The fabulous owners of the NYC-based Alice’s Tea Cup have found a way to turn those classic summer drinks we love into yummy winter delights—and they provide the … Continue reading

Cheers to the Fox sisters for their new cookbook, Alice’s Tea Cup, out today!

When I found out that I would be working on the publicity for Alice’s Tea Cup, I was overjoyed. First, because I am a lover of tea and treats. (Who isn’t?) Second, because I’d been to Alice’s and enjoyed a perfect New York afternoon there, with a lovely cup of oolong tea and hands down … Continue reading

Librarians Love Alice’s Tea Cup

After a few years in Library Marketing, I’ve seen my fair share of book previews (or as we call them, “book buzzes”). But I assure you, up to this point, none of those events involved pumpkin scones. This past Wednesday, Haley and Lauren Fox—authors of the forthcoming Alice’s Tea Cup—debuted their cookbook to a packed room full … Continue reading