Fresh Happy Tasty: Bright Green Pea Salad with Lemon and Mint, by Jane Coxwell

This week, Fresh Happy Tasty by Jane Coxwell is on sale everywhere. It is time to rejoice–the world now has full access to some of the most delicious recipes involving fresh and diverse foods! Don’t believe me? Here’s a recipe for you to try this week–I have no doubt it will win you over in … Continue reading

Fresh Happy Tasty: Lamb and Quinoa Koftas, recipe by Jane Coxwell

Jane Coxwell has spent years working as a chef on yachts that have sailed the world. These days, she is the personal chef of Diane von Furstenberg, cooking for the fashion doyenne wherever she might be – at her home in New York City, in the country, or aboard the Eos yacht. This peripatetic life … Continue reading

Fresh Happy Tasty: Israeli Couscous with Shrimp and Zucchini, recipe by Jane Coxwell

If you ever meet Jane Coxwell, you will instantly be at ease by her easy smile and her graciousness—two qualities which no doubt have helped to make her such a success in her chosen career. Jane is the author of the cookbook Fresh Happy Tasty, a collection of recipes inspired by her more than ten … Continue reading