“The Lost Art of Cooking?” Not if we have anything to say about it!

Earlier this week Margaret Wente wrote a piece for The Globe and Mail that floated the idea that cooking will become nothing more than a “quaint artisanal niche” activity, with the vast majority of people either dining out or outsourcing their meals (assembling prepared foods, nuking frozen dinners, etc.) Why? The same reasons we’ve heard … Continue reading

Fried Goat Cheese, with Three Friends

It’s our special Monday treat to welcome back Kate from Framed as our guest blogger. This time she adapts a salad recipe from Rose Water restaurant. Take it away, Kate! Okay, so I will tell you right now, this salad is a complete and total show-stopper.  If you are looking around for a first course … Continue reading


We are thrilled and honored to have another voice from our family of Harper bloggers submit this guest post. Kate, of the Framed Cooks blog, has been dabbling with the recipes in Alice’s Tea Cup has shared her experience with one of their scone recipes with us all. Welcome, Kate! If there are two baked … Continue reading