Thai Fish Cakes from Weeknight Paleo


Stuck on what to make for dinner this weekend? Look no further than these Thai Fish Cakes from Weeknight Paleo, a new cookbook from Charles and Julie Mayfield. We love this recipe because it’s packed with flavor, protein, and is easy to whip up for an impromptu dinner party with friends. Weeknight Paleo presents a range … Continue reading

Sea Bass Roasted Over Citrus from The Happy Cook by Daphne Oz


Today’s recipe from Daphne Oz shows you that cooking fish in your home doesn’t have to be intimidating. Daphne’s recipe for Sea Bass Roasted Over Citrus from her latest cookbook, The Happy Cook, is flavorful, tangy and perfect for weeknight meals. If your Christmas Eve includes the traditional Italian Seven Fishes Feast, why not consider this recipe as … Continue reading

Pan-Fried Fishcakes from A Recipe for Cooking by Cal Peternell

If you’re a seafood lover, there’s nothing better than eating it crispy. Right now we’re loving the Pan-Fried Fishcakes from A Recipe for Cooking by Cal Peternell. These little cakes are perfectly seasoned and satisfying. Add them to the menu for your next dinner party! A Recipe for Cooking by New York Times bestselling author … Continue reading