In Her Own Words: a video of Denise Mari talking about her new recipe book, Organic Avenue

After reading Denise Mari’s new book, Organic Avenue: Recipes for Life, Made with LOVE*, I seriously began to consider trying one of her cleanses out for myself, but had some hesitation. Would I go to bed each night starving? What if I couldn’t drink the juice? Weeks later, I’m now on day two of the LOVE Easy … Continue reading

Awesome Avocado Mint Soup from Organic Avenue

Soup doesn’t always have to be hot, especially in the summer.  Denise Mari, author of Organic Avenue, gives us a simple recipe for a cold soup so delicious, you’ll crave it all year long. If you love guacamole, cool off with this Awesome Avocado Mint Soup. It’s light, yet satisfying and versatile, and full of nutrients … Continue reading

Perfect LOVE* green juice from Organic Avenue

It’s officially spring and we cannot think of a better time to enjoy a refreshing, homemade juice to prepare for the warm weather ahead. Luckily, Denise Mari knows the trick and she’s sharing everything in her book, Organic Avenue, on sale TODAY! We can’t get enough of the perfect LOVE* green juice – a tasty … Continue reading

Thai Wrap with Thai Almond Cream and Sweet and Spicy Prune Dipping Sauce from Organic Avenue

To be honest, healthy and delicious do not always go together in the food world. Thankfully Organic Avenue’s Denise Mari is out to prove you can make fresh and inventive food that makes you feel happier, healthier, thinner and more energized, focused and balanced. Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite recipes from Denise’s book, Organic … Continue reading