In Memorial: Paul Prudhomme

We’re saddened by the news that Paul Prudhomme, the chef “who put the cooking of Louisiana–especially the Cajun gumbos, jambalayas and dirty rice he grew up with–on the American culinary map,” passed away on October 8th. Chef Prudhomme specialized in Creole cuisine, and is credited for popularizing the food. He was truly a cooking icon and … Continue reading

Organic and Chic by Sarah Magid is just $0.99!

Exciting news! Organic and Chic by Sarah Magid is just $0.99 as an eBook until Monday, March 16th! Don’t miss out on awesome recipes, beautiful photos, and delightful cakes. Organic and Chic by Sarah Magid Many people are coming to recognize the merits of eating organic ingredients, but the idea of “organic baked goods” may bring to … Continue reading

Enter the William Morrow Cookbooks Holiday Sweepstakes!

To celebrate the holidays, we’re giving away a book bundle of this season’s newest cookbooks! These books offer great holiday recipes and tips and also make perfect gifts for a food loving relative or friend. You’ll also be able to use these cookbooks for any holiday throughout the year. One lucky fan will receive one copy of Around … Continue reading

Guest Post by Carrie Vitt, author of The Grain-Free Family Table

Today we have a special guest post from Carrie Vitt, author of The Grain-Free Family Table, which will give you insight into the cookbook-writing process. Carrie’s a pro, having published Deliciously Organic prior to her new book, The Grain-Free Family Table, a paleo- and family-friendly cookbook that teaches readers how to cut all grains out of their diets … Continue reading

Supernatural Brownies

Who can explain the perfect alchemy of brownies? Whether you like them warm and á la mode, dense and fudgy, as fluffy as cake or bittersweet and sprinkled with sea salt, the brownie is an American dessert without peer. Once, on the plane back from Madrid, I sat next to an adorable Spanish couple who … Continue reading