Happy Holiday Greetings from Goldy!

Diane Mott Davidson, the queen of the culinary mystery novel, would like to help you out with your holiday baking endeavors with her tried-and-true tips on how to bake delicious cookies—and keep them fresh for Christmas. It’s always a pleasure to welcome her to the blog, especially when she shares with us her kitchen know-how. … Continue reading

Cookie Week: Chocolate Crinkles

First, let me introduce myself—I’m Lauren, your faithful Good Bites contributor. I’d been hesitant to do a Home Cook piece because I wasn’t sure how I’d stack up to the amazing authors and chefs who create our cookbooks. When I heard we were doing a Christmas cookie week, though, I had to put my insecurity … Continue reading

Cookie Week: Peanut Butter Chocolate Kisses

As everyone around me counts the days until Christmas, I’m counting the number of text messages I’ve received this month, all asking the same cryptic question: “Am I on the list?” No, this isn’t the guest list to an exclusive holiday bash or even Santa’s Nice List—it’s my mom’s annual Christmas cookie list, and being … Continue reading