All Eric Asimov Really Needs to Know About Life He Learned Drinking Wine

How to Love Wine by Eric Asimov is one of my favorite books of the year. These are the things I love most about it: his fine, fine prose; his down to earth, reasonable approach to getting to know wine, and the personal stories he shares from his journey towards a full-blown love affair with … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

The end of 2010 is finally here, so let’s bring in the new year with a bang (literally) by whipping up a French 75 Number 1. Named after a powerful but reputedly smooth French 75 millimeter cannon that was said to have helped win World War I, this glamorous drink could be used as a … Continue reading

Mar-tea-nis, Anyone?

As the season begins to change and we move our festive outdoor celebrations indoors, so too does our drink menu change. But does it really have to? The fabulous owners of the NYC-based Alice’s Tea Cup have found a way to turn those classic summer drinks we love into yummy winter delights—and they provide the … Continue reading