Turning leftover rice from a savory curry into a sweet, after-dinner treat is nothing short of kitchen magic. Kitchen magic is just what James Beard Award-winner Sara Dickerman teaches us in her new book Secrets of Great Second Meals. Learn to cook smarter, save time and money, AND enjoy great meals crafted from leftovers in this … Continue reading

Roasted Tomato with Basil Oil and Burrata from Linda Miller Nicholson

Timeless and delicious are the best words to describe this recipe from the author of Pasta, Pretty Please, Linda Miller Nicholson—a.k.a. Salty Seattle on Instagram. Inspired by the delectably memorable caprese salad she had in Italy, Linda has translated her love for that dish into a delectable sauce recipe that pasta lovers at any cooking … Continue reading

Everything You Need to Host Thanksgiving

The time is here! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for some, stress levels are at an all-time high. First-time Thanksgiving cooks are starting to panic at the thought of creating a meal for the entire family to enjoy while also wanting to create new traditions along the way. Someone might get passed down … Continue reading

Celebrate National Pasta Day. Make Stars Pappardelle from Linda Miller Nicholson’s new cookbook

Happy National Pasta Day! Linda Miller Nicholson’s new cookbook, Pasta, Pretty Please, is the perfect playbook for indulging in a carb-lover’s favorite dish.  To whet your appetite, here is one of the many recipes that shine from this stunning plant-dyed pasta art cookbook. Known on Instagram as @SaltySeattle, Linda is famed for creating an array of pastas … Continue reading

Brodo Di Parmigiano from Pasta, Pretty Please

Warm up as the chill of autumn sets in with this classic and completely homemade soup from Pasta, Pretty Please by Linda Miller Nicholson. On Sale October 16, this cookbook is a stunning cornucopia of pasta in every color and shape, all created by hand using all-natural colors from vegetables, herbs, and superfoods—and including 25 … Continue reading