Secret Technique: Lentils

Last week I talked about my vegetarianism as it related to cooking for my kitten. This week, it’s all about cooking for me! When I became a vegetarian over a decade ago, the biggest concern from my parents and doctors was that I wouldn’t get enough of a daily dose of necessary nutrients for a … Continue reading

How About Another Piece of Pie

Thanksgiving, along with the Fourth of July, is one of the most quintessentially American holidays we celebrate each year. It’s about giving thanks for what we have, and the day is marked by gatherings of family and friends, watching football on television, and eating enough food to cause a postprandial torpor that takes a good … Continue reading

Can I Freeze It?

I know what happens to bare toes when they’re struck by a frozen chicken breast that’s dropped from a height of four feet (it ain’t pretty). I would be a richer woman if I had a dollar for every time I shoved aside the Absolut looking for a bag of squash or container of soup. … Continue reading