All Eric Asimov Really Needs to Know About Life He Learned Drinking Wine

How to Love Wine by Eric Asimov is one of my favorite books of the year. These are the things I love most about it: his fine, fine prose; his down to earth, reasonable approach to getting to know wine, and the personal stories he shares from his journey towards a full-blown love affair with … Continue reading

Something to Sip with your Summer Reading

In Paullina Simons’ novel The Summer Garden, Tatiana and Alexander are rebuilding their lives in Scottsdale, Arizona after surviving the punishing years of World War II in Russia and Germany. Now, living happily in Arizona with their young son, they enjoy the foods of the United States and Mexico. Simons is never quite clear if … Continue reading

Cheers: Alice’s Tea-jito

One of my favorite cocktails is the mojito. Although more of a summer drink, the refreshing combination of citrus, mint, sweetness, and rum transports me to a warm beach, even if I am in cold and dreary NYC. Since more snow is headed our way, my game plan is to make some mojitos for brunch … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

The end of 2010 is finally here, so let’s bring in the new year with a bang (literally) by whipping up a French 75 Number 1. Named after a powerful but reputedly smooth French 75 millimeter cannon that was said to have helped win World War I, this glamorous drink could be used as a … Continue reading

Cheers: Riposto from The New Brooklyn Cookbook

s I mentioned in my Cookie Week post, I am new to living on my own and my roommate and I decided to go to a Christmas tree farm to get a tree this year to make it really start to feel like the holidays. Growing up, my family did have live Christmas trees, but … Continue reading