Savory Redemption

After spending five fantastic days on the slopes in Park City, Utah, over Christmas, I managed to find myself one of the millions stranded at various locations around the country at the mercy of the weather in the Northeast. A full thirty-six hours after embarking upon my return (a trip that included multiple planes, a … Continue reading

Amuse Bouche: Scared to Death

Our friends at Avon sometimes cook and bake, and here at Morrow Cookbooks we love to hear all about what they do best in the kitchen. here’s a guest post from romantic suspense writer Wendy Corsi Staub on the occasion of her newest novel. My mom, like my grandma before her, was an incredible cook. … Continue reading

Amuse Bouche: To Have and to Kill

Today mystery writer Mary Jane Clark, New York Times bestselling author of the KEY News mystery series is our featured guest blogger to celebrate the publication of her new mystery series. Why are we choosing to showcase a mystery writer, you ask? Because her books are culinary mysteries, of course! If you like a little … Continue reading

Cheers to the Fox sisters for their new cookbook, Alice’s Tea Cup, out today!

When I found out that I would be working on the publicity for Alice’s Tea Cup, I was overjoyed. First, because I am a lover of tea and treats. (Who isn’t?) Second, because I’d been to Alice’s and enjoyed a perfect New York afternoon there, with a lovely cup of oolong tea and hands down … Continue reading

Dining for One, Please!

I was thumbing through my bookshelf the other day and came across this great cookbook by Suzanne Pirret called The Pleasure Is All Mine: Selfish Food for the Modern Life. It’s part memoir, part cookbook, and goes where seldom cookbooks dare to go—creating a meal for one! This book is truly a guilty pleasure—no “7 … Continue reading