Amuse Bouche: Crunch Time

Here at The Secret Ingredient we’re pretty obsessed with food, so of course we love some foodie fun in our mysteries. Nobody does it better than the Julia Child of mystery authors, New York Times bestselling author Diane Mott Davidson. Diane has written sixteen mysteries, all featuring caterer/sleuth Goldy Schulz. Her newest book, Crunch Time: A Novel … Continue reading

Share your kitchen improv story for a chance to win a copy of The Improvisational Cook!

Award-winning cookbook author Sally Schneider is holding a contest for all you improvisational cooks out there. To enter, share your story about a kitchen improvisation you’ve attempted; success or failure–it doesn’t matter! The winner will receive a copy of her book The Improvisational Cook. For complete details and to enter, click here. The deadline for … Continue reading

Fat Tuesday

In celebration of Fat Tuesday, we gladly encourage all food lovers to grab a fork, spoon, or glass and indulge themselves in some of the best Cajun inspired food and cocktails around. If you’re thinking of whipping up your own feast, here are a few of our favorite cookbooks to help you get started: In … Continue reading

Are You an Improvisational Cook?

I thought I was, until I realized that by “improvisational cook” Sally Schneider doesn’t quite mean the person who leans into the fridge and whips up a stir fry with the crudités that are left from the Super Bowl dip tray. (I will neither confirm nor deny if I have assembled such a meal.) What … Continue reading

Cookbook Buzz

Hey, foodie fans! I ran across this article today on the alternative news website,, which suggests that recipes in some of the more voluminous cookbooks have become so complicated that people have resorted to using them as coffee table books instead. The quote below gave me room for pause. “Cookbooks have become objects of … Continue reading