Soothe Yourself Tonic from Blotto Botany

Blotto Botany by Spencre L.R. McGowan is a gorgeous little book of medicinal cordials created by herbalist and witchy healing expert Spencre McGowan. Blotto Botany was originally a zine that swept the indie circuit, and we are now turning it into a full-length book with nods to the original design. Inside, readers and herbalism practitioners will find 40 cordial recipes organized by season, each with their own healing properties.

Today we’re sharing the second sneak peek recipe, before it goes on sale September 4th – a Soothe Yourself Tonic that’s perfect to enjoy after a stressful day, or when some self-care is much needed.

Pre-order your copy of Blotto Botany from your favorite retailer, and submit your proof of purchase here to receive an exclusive downloadable zine with a bonus recipe.


Soothing Tonic

Soothe Yourself Tonic

Photo by Chanelle Bergeron of Moon By Moon Apothecary



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