Recipes for Runners

run the worldRun the World by Becky Wade is the story of her fascinating running journey, exploring nine countries and their unique running cultures and gathering recipes along the way.

Fresh off a successful collegiate running career Becky Wade was eager to connect with her counterparts across the world and to broaden her perspective on running. Her journey took her to England, Ireland, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, and Finland, each country with a unique running history and a community of local athletes and coaches who welcomed her into their homes and onto their teams. Over the course of the year, she ran more than 3,500 miles as she experimented with diverse training styles, discovered new recovery techniques, and collected local recipes from her training partners.

Today we’re sharing one of the delicious recipes from Scandinavia that Becky gathered from her extensive travels. Run the World is on sale now. Start reading a sample and purchase a copy today from your favorite retailer.

Also, if you’re a runner yourself, don’t miss out on a chance to win a duffel bag of necessities for your own running journey! Click here for more information on how to enter and interact with the map to see Becky’s running advice from her own travels.

Scandinavian Pancakes

Helena Hellstén, a gracious host and mother of two young daughters, introduced me to Scandinavian-style pancakes during my stay with her family in Turku, Finland (hometown of running icon Paavo Nurmi). In stark contrast with their American counterparts, these thin, delicate pancakes that pair well with coffee are edible embodiments of “hygge,” the Danish art of cozyness that I experienced in Finland’s neighboring country a few weeks later. They’re perfect weekend breakfasts, delightful afternoon snacks, and tasty incentives to log a good run—especially when topped with fresh strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream.

  • 3 eggs
  • 2 1/2 cups milk (optional: replace some of milk with cream)
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar (optional: use vanilla sugar)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Butter, for frying
  • Optional toppings: powdered sugar, jam, whipped cream, berries, ice cream
  1. Whisk eggs slightly in bowl.
  2. Add all other ingredients to eggs, and let rest about 30 minutes. Batter should be thin but not watery, so add a little more flour if needed.
  3. Heat a large pan to medium heat, add a pat of butter, and fry batter into thin and even pancakes (using about 1⁄4 cup of batter for each one).
  4. Serve pancakes warm with toppings as desired.

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