The Key Ingredient by Susan Wiggs

Key IngredientFor someone who loves both food and reading, there’s nothing better than a story that involves delicious food and cooking, and today we’re sharing the perfect short story for you. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Wiggs comes The Key Ingredient, a wonderful short story. This e-short includes an exclusive excerpt from her new novel, Family Tree, on sale August 9.

Every great love story has a beginning. Annie Rush’s started at a food cart in a vibrant city park. Annie, then a film student, came across a ruggedly handsome, charismatic chef serving up gourmet street food to an ever-growing clientele lining up for his creations. Together, Annie and Martin Harlow conceived The Key Ingredient, a cooking show featuring Martin as the star while Annie handles production.

As they travel to Annie’s Vermont hometown to film their pilot episode, she realizes that she might want to create more than television magic with Martin. But does he feel the same way? The weather is miserable, their shoot is a disaster, and the maple syrup just isn’t flowing. While Annie tries to cling to her vision for their show, she can’t help but wonder if she could be as unlucky in work as she is in love. Is she always destined to stay behind the scenes?

Just as some recipes only come together at the last minute with the addition of a key ingredient, sometimes a single moment can change everything—turning Annie’s life into a cornucopia of good fortune, the feast of her dreams.

The Key Ingredient is on sale now for just $1.99. Make sure to read it before Family Tree is on sale August 9. Also, Susan Wiggs is a wonderful cook! Check out her Facebook Live video and see what she was whipping up in the kitchen earlier this week.

Susan Wiggs author photo1

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