Wild ‘Pizza’ from Extreme Food by Bear Grylls

If you’re thinking of going on a wilderness adventure this summer, we’ve got the perfect outdoor recipe for you. This Wild ‘Pizza’ from Extreme Food by Bear Grylls is an easy recipe to make while camping – all you need is flour, water, salt, and anything else you want to add as a topping.

Extreme Food will teach you all the necessary skills and techniques to get your teeth into meals you might never have thought of as food in the first place—and, crucially, how to recognize plants and animals that might end up doing you more harm than good. Check out an excerpt from Extreme Food and pre-order your copy today before it goes on sale May 19.

Wild ‘Pizza’ 

ExtremeFood_PBTo make this, you’ll need some wholewheat flour, water and salt, plus whatever wild ingredients you’ve managed to get your hands on. Any of the edible mushrooms above would be good, as would some boiled nettles, or fish, or cooked seafood (see pages 108–25).

Make a soft dough by mixing the flour and water in a ratio of about 2:1. Add a good sprinkling of salt and knead the dough till it’s well combined.

Now press or roll it into a disc (you can use your water bottle, if you have one, as a rolling pin).

Get a small frying pan hot over the embers of a (not too fierce) fire and add your dough. Cook it till the underside is brown, which will take up to 5 minutes, depending on how hot your fire is.

Flip it, then sprinkle your topping ingredients over the cooked side which is now face up. If possible, cover your pizza with tin foil or with the lid of another pot so that
the toppings can heat through.

Return the pizza to the fire and cook until the underside is brown and the toppings are hot – again, about 5 minutes. You could add anything to your wild pizza, of course. If you’ve harvested some insects (and in Chapter 11 I’ll tell you all about that), they’d make an excellent and nutritious addition. I can tell you from experience, including some roasted crickets adds an awesome crunch!

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