Trifle from My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart


My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart, creator of the hugely popular YouTube series “My Drunk Kitchen,” is a hilarious, fully-illustrated “cookbook” filled with recipes to make and enjoy between drinks—with more than a few valuable life lessons too. For the holidays, Hannah shares her Trifle Troubles (for those who don’t know, a trifle is a British dessert that’s basically just spirit-soaked sponge cake layered with custard and fruit!). Like the holidays themselves, a trifle can be as simple or as difficult as you’d like to make it.

Trifle Recipe


  • Sherry, baby!


  • more sherry
  • sponge (or pound) cake
  • custard (vanilla pudding cup?)
  • jelly/berries/fruit-type things
  • whipped cream (if you have)

Pour sherry into a mason jar. Then take a sip. Then be like, “EW THIS IS SO DAMN SWEET.” Then soak up some of the sweetness by putting sponge cake into your jar. Then take a vanilla pudding cup from the fridge (because maybe you just had a craving for pudding cups?) and also dump that into your mason jar. Then be like, “What’s the difference between pudding and custard? Nobody knows.” Then put some jelly on the top and add whipped cream.

Then drink from the sherry bottle from now on because somebody put a trifle in your cup. The nerve.

DrunkKitchen HC C

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