Literature’s Most Memorable Meals from Fictitious Dishes

FictitiousDishes hc cSome of life’s most memorable meals are not the meals that we actually ate, but the meals that we read about in our favorite books. Whether it was salivating over the lavish table spreads in The Great Gatsby or craving the warm clam chowder in Moby Dick on a cool summer evening, many have shared similar experiences and feelings about food.

Fictitious_Dishes_thecatcherintheryeIf you can relate to this, check out Fictitious Dishes, a new book from Harper Design, that recreates great food moments from books as stunning visuals. The book features famous dishes from 50 classic and contemporary books with a mouth-water inducing photograph and the excerpt describing the meal. One of our favorites is from The Catcher in the Rye when Holden Caulfield discusses his usual order of a Swiss cheese sandwich and a malted milk. For more fantastic visuals from Fictitious Dishes, take a look at this Buzzfeed article. Purchase Fictitious Dishes from your favorite retailer.

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