Awesome Avocado Mint Soup from Organic Avenue

awesome avocado cardSoup doesn’t always have to be hot, especially in the summer.  Denise Mari, author of Organic Avenue, gives us a simple recipe for a cold soup so delicious, you’ll crave it all year long.

If you love guacamole, cool off with this Awesome Avocado Mint Soup. It’s light, yet satisfying and versatile, and full of nutrients from all of the fresh summer ingredients. Better yet – you can make this easily at home! We know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

For more healthy recipes, purchase Organic Avenue from your favorite retailer or through Organic Avenue’s online store.

4 Responses to “Awesome Avocado Mint Soup from Organic Avenue”
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  2. jonathan says:

    Great ingredients

  3. linda says:

    can’t wait to try this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this looks delicious

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