Boulangerie Bertrand Beignets from That Old Black Magic

I always love books that transport me to a different time or place, and if they can do that with my taste buds  too, it’s an added bonus! Today we’re sharing a recipe from a book that does just that. That Old Black Magic is a savory and suspenseful confection from New York Times bestselling author Mary Jane Clark filled with murder, mystery, history and voodoo. A wedding cake decorator and amateur sleuth is studying from the best pastry chefs in New Orleans’s legendary French Quarter when a voodoo-inspired murder shakes the city. To unmask the killer and save herself, Piper will have to conjure up some old black magic of her own. Clark’s Piper Donovan mysteries always include delicious recipes, and That Old Black Magic is no exception! Today we’re sharing the book’s Boulangerie Bertrand Beignets recipe that’ll take your taste buds straight to the French Quarter. That Old Black Magic is on sale January 21st.

MJC Beignets Recipe CardFollow Mary Jane Clark on Facebook. Pre-order your copy of That Old Black Magic now.

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