Buche De Chocolat from the Monday Morning Cooking Club

Looking for a great recipe this holiday season? Let the ladies of the Monday Morning Cooking Club put an end to your search! Their BUCHE DE CHOCOLAT is a simple, delicious, crowd-pleasing dessert that is perfect to serve at any festive celebration.

In 2006 a group of six women began meeting every Monday morning – they cooked, ate, drank endless cups of tea and discussed the merits of different recipes. After just a few weekly meetings the Monday Morning Cooking Club was born. Their first cookbook, Monday Morning Cooking Club: The Food, The Stories, The Sisterhood was published by HarperCollins in September 2013, and is a compilation of the club’s favorite recipes. Each recipe begins with a short story of the cook and their history of the dish, and these stories, interwoven with amazing recipes, take the reader on a delicious journey through a community who finds a deep connection through food and the memory of generations that have gone before. In it you’ll find their buche de chocolat, as well as many other great recipes.

Monday Morning Cooking Club

Nicole Kidman has named the cookbook one of her favorite things, and Nigella Lawson has said, “Having this book at home is pure joy.” Actress Diane Kruger has also discovered the MMCC, and said in a recent interview with InStyle, “I just tried making the apple pie cake, which was remarkable.”







3 Responses to “Buche De Chocolat from the Monday Morning Cooking Club”
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  3. Lecil Saller says:

    Could I please have the recipes for the

    Tuscan Bean Soup and the Florentines?
    I left my Monday Morning Cooking Club Book in town; I am at our farm

    Thank you

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