Excerpt from THE PROPHETS OF SMOKED MEAT by Daniel Vaughn!

The debut title in the Anthony Bourdain Books line, The Prophets of Smoked Meat by “Barbecue Snob” Daniel Vaughn, is a rollicking journey through the heart of Texas Barbecue.

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From brisket to ribs, beef to pork, mesquite to oak, this fully illustrated, comprehensive guide to Texas barbecue includes pit masters’ recipes, tales of the road—from country meat markets to roadside stands, sumptuous photography, and a panoramic look at the Lone Star State, where smoked meat is sacred.


READ AN EXCERPT from the book now!


Daniel “BBQ Snob” Vaughn is an expert on Texas barbeque. He is the author and editor of the respected blog Full Custom Gospel BBQ and a columnist for Texas Monthly. A trained and practicing architect as well, he lives in Dallas with his wife and children.

To learn more about Daniel, check out his blog, or follow him on Twitter @BBQsnob!

One Response to “Excerpt from THE PROPHETS OF SMOKED MEAT by Daniel Vaughn!”
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