Emeril Lagasse’s Got Some Serious Sandwich Action Going on Over Here

Are you as serious about your sandwiches as we are? Then you’re going to love Emeril’s next cookbook, Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches. This book has more than 100 recipes for all types of sandwiches, as well as condiments and breads—everything you need to make some seriously kicked-up sandwiches.

Emeril’s pulled together a vast selection of sandwich recipes to try—from new takes on old favorites, traditional sandwiches from international cuisines, to entirely new sandwiches invented just for this book. Emeril’s Kicked-Up Sandwiches isn’t on sale until October 16, 2012, but in the meantime we’ll be releasing one sandwich recipe from the book every Friday between now and publication. You’ll also be able to vote on which recipes from the book get released, and follow along in our Kick Up Your Food Blog! competition (if you’re a blogger, watch this space for more details!).

August is National Sandwich Month, and is it any surprise why? Summer weather begs us to eat outdoors, and to keep our ovens turned off. Sandwiches are perfectly portable—so we bring them to the beach, on a hike, or a ball game. Sandwiches are meant to be eaten with our hands—so they’re great on road trips and at picnics.

We want to know what sandwiches you’re eating! On Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, whenever you make or eat a sandwich, send out a message using the hashtag #SeriousSandwich – we’ll be retweeting, repinning, and liking updates whenever your sandwiches whet our appetites. For extra credit, tag @emeril and @morrowcooks, too.

Ready to get started with some #SeriousSandwich action? This week’s recipe is the Columbia Steak Grinder. If you like it, then make it this weekend and tell us how it went! Then, spread the recipe around on social media as if you were spreading mayo on your BLT—generously.


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One Response to “Emeril Lagasse’s Got Some Serious Sandwich Action Going on Over Here”
  1. Susan Benton says:

    Would love to blog about this one too, as I did for the One Pot Wonders! 🙂



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