Happy 100th Birthday, Julia Child!

I don’t even want to imagine what the American culinary landscape would look like today if cultural icon Julia Child hadn’t encouraged Americans to expand their food repertoire with her practical and impeccable cooking shows and cookbooks. Thank you Julia, for helping us along our way towards seasonal cooking, local sourcing of ingredients, and  enjoying cuisines from around the globe. And happy birthday–we miss you, but your legacy stays with us, on video and on the page.

Here at Morrow Cookbooks, we are honored to be the publishers of Baking with Julia. This classic of the genre first hit the shelves in November 1996, has never been out of print, and won an IACP Cookbook Award and a James Beard Award. Upon publication, the New York Times warmly reviewed Baking with Julia:

“The 200 recipes are organized as a course in baking, with an early, energetic section on the basic batters and doughs or cakes and pastries. The book moves on to recipes of varying degrees of complexity. In the bread section, you start off easy, with simple compositions, like white bread or a buttermilk loaf for your bread machine, and then it’s on to more painstaking creations that might include tricky wild yeast and meticulous braiding .But the book’s success is due to more than organization: the text never misses a chance to explain, expand and entertain. The reader is told, for instance, that the molded cookies called “tuiles” are a reference to French roof tiles; chiffon cake was named for the airy costumes of the flappers in the 1920’s. And the tutorials that accompany recipes are models of clarity… “

The whole food world is abuzz with the celebration for Julia. Here are two highlights:

How will you join in to commemorate Julia’s 100th birthday? Do you have any favorite memories of Julia Child?

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