Capture the Bounty of the Seasons, and Put It in a Jar, or a Can!

On sale this week is Preserving: The Canning and Freezing Guide for All Seasons by Pat Crocker. This beautiful book is dedicated to all-things canning, freezing, and jarring—it’s the only preserving book you’ll ever need. Its appealing design—with color photographs throughout—and its innovative content make this book a dream to browse through. It’s so inspiring to see the photographs of beautiful produce and glistening preserves—when we got our early finished copies here in the office, the Morrow Cookbooks team agreed: we were immediately struck with the urge to go make jam!

Click here to to view the spread on preserving apricots.

What sets this book apart?

  • It’s organized by fruits and vegetables in the season they peak, so it’s easy to focus on the season you’re in.
  • Pat Crocker tips you off to which varieties of fruits and vegetables you’ll have the best success with, so you’ll know what to ask for at the market, or to focus on growing in your own garden.
  • It’s all in here—from tomatoes, corn, and blueberries to more exotic produce like persimmons, ground cherries, and tomatillos!
  • Along with dozens of must-make recipes for preserves, Preserving offers a wide range of recipes using the preserves, including appetizers, soups, salads, side dishes, main courses, and desserts.
  • For herb lovers (and who isn’t an herb lover?!), Preserving lists and illustrates herbs by season and offers tips on using herbs in preserves.

Check out this spread showing the beautiful photography in the book.

Pat’s done a fantastic job with this cookbook, really embracing her topic and making it accessible to novices and inspiring to more experienced canners. This is an incredible value—with 552 color photos, 552 pages, and more than 200 recipes for just $30, this really is the only preserving book you’ll ever need. I hope you’ll browse these spreads, then browse your local farmer’s market, and then agree with us: you really can’t live without Preserving!

Check out this mouthwatering recipe spread for Blueberry Grunt.



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3 Responses to “Capture the Bounty of the Seasons, and Put It in a Jar, or a Can!”
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