And Now We Shall Rejoice: The Pioneer Woman Cooks (Some More)

While Ree Drummond, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman, posts new recipes on her blog and recommends ones on Tasty Kitchen all the time, it’s a rare and special occasion when she publishes a new cookbook. It’s been more than two years since her first cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, grabbed ahold of The New York Times bestseller list for months on end. Now, though, we are all being rewarded for our patient wait.

Today The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier is on sale, available for purchase wherever books are sold.

Now that the formal language is done, I can also say that food bloggers are pretty excited too. My Twitter feed @MorrowCooks is full of folks retweeting giveaways and reviews.

I’ll speak for the team here at Morrow and say that it’s pretty great being the editor who launches the book, the art director who designs the book, the marketing director who gets to tell the reps about a new Ree cookbook during our planning meetings, the publicist who gets to pitch this wonderful author to media both national and local, and the sales rep who gets to walk in with this blockbuster to store buyers and booksellers. You’ll buy a bazillion, you say? Great!

Here’s the kicker, though (did you like that? My little cowboy allusion there?): even though it’s my job as marketing director to talk about Ree and her books, people who know nothing about my job often mention her to me. I’ve been sent recipes from friends that are Ree’s. When people talk about bloggers they love, they mention Ree.  When one of my girlfriends coyly admits she has a thing for cowboy, someone else in the group inevitably brings up Ree’s life (and cowboy husband).

But let me take off my publishing hat for just a moment. Here’s a glimpse of me, the woman who loves to cook at home, immersing myself in Ree’s world like anyone else. A few weeks ago I was at my desk excitedly flipping through an early finished copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier. If you were crouched outside my office eavesdropping, this is what you might have heard me saying to myself, “Oh my God, this book is gorgeous!… Cute dog!… Mmm doughnuts… Drip Beef? What’s that?… Brie-stuffed Mushrooms, oh God I have to make that… Fig-Prosciutto Pizza, sign me up… Does her family really eat like this every night? Wow… Buttered Rosemary Rolls made in a skillet, that’s cool…Ice cream recipes, okay, gotta try that… Coffee Cream Cake, done for next book club…” And on I went–I may have commented on every single recipe. Before I knew it, fifteen minutes of browsing had gone by–and I was STARVING.

And isn’t that the marvelous trick of Ree’s blog, recipes, and books? They transport us, whether we’re reading them or eating them, to a happier and tastier place for a few moments.

Happy Publication Day, Ree! Today is a rare day, and your fans and your publishing team are all rejoicing! 

Buy the Book

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