Everything You Need to Know About Thanksgiving Dinner, No Matter Your Role (Cook, Host, Guest)

There’s a reason Rick Rodgers is called America’s Thanksgiving Expert – he has more advice about how to host a flawless Thanksgiving dinner than a 25-pound turkey has cornbread stuffing. His cookbook Thanksgiving 101, full of recipes, timelines, and invaluable tips and tricks, has been the go-to guide for first-timers and old-timers for more than ten years. Below, Rick highlights what has made his book so helpful to tens of thousands of Americans.

Top Five Reasons Why Everyone—Cooks, Hostesses, and Guests—Needs a Copy of Thanksgiving 101

  1. FIRST-TIME THANKSGIVING COOKS: READ THIS TO GAIN COURAGE: Join the thousands of people who have used this book as a step-by-step guide to Thanksgiving success, and solve the mysteries of gravy, too.
  2. HOST SUPPORT TEAM, a.k.a “The One Who Wields the Knife”: READ THIS FOR THE CARVING INSTRUCTIONS. You know that you are going to be asked to carve the #@%&* bird. Learn how to do it without swearing. (Valuable Tip: Let the roasted bird rest at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before attempting carving.)
  3. GUESTS: READ THIS FOR GRATITUDE. Just look at one of the menu timetables and you’ll appreciate how much work and love goes into the meal. Say an extra prayer at grace time that goes “And please…let me be invited back next year!”
  4. TURKEY BRINERS: READ THIS FOR NEW IDEAS: Brining is a pain in the neck. Learn another fool-proof way to roast the perfect, moist turkey without buckets, ice chests, and pounds of salt. (Valuable Tip #2: It involves aluminum foil.)
  5. EXPERIENCED COOKS: READ THIS FOR CONVERSATION MATERIAL: Even if you know what you are doing on Thanksgiving, you’ll find out why we eat what we eat at this holiday and be a fascinating conversationalist at the dinner table.

Not convinced yet that this book is for you? Read an excerpt here,  and read consumer reviews here.

RICK RODGERS is the author of more than thirty-five cookbooks, including the bestselling 101 series (Thanksgiving 101, Christmas 101, Barbecues 101) and beloved cookbooks on everything from fondue to slow cookers to comfort food. You can follow him on Twitter (we do!).

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