Something to Sip with your Summer Reading

In Paullina Simons’ novel The Summer Garden, Tatiana and Alexander are rebuilding their lives in Scottsdale, Arizona after surviving the punishing years of World War II in Russia and Germany. Now, living happily in Arizona with their young son, they enjoy the foods of the United States and Mexico. Simons is never quite clear if this happy hour cocktail is from north or south of the border, but nevertheless, she shares it with us so that we too can participate in Beergarita time.

‘‘Tania, it’s Saturday night.’’
‘‘Yes, so?’’
‘‘Anthony is asleep.’’ It was just the three of them back then.
‘‘Yes, so?’’
‘‘So, so. You know what time it is, don’t you?’’
‘‘Tea time?’’
‘‘Um, bedtime?’’
‘‘Not quite.’’ He grinned. ‘‘Beergarita time.’’
‘‘Oh, that time.’’


1 12–16oz can frozen sweetened lime juice concentrate, such as Limeade
2 fresh limes, quartered
1¼ cups (275ml) Patron Reposado tequila
5oz (150ml) Triple Sec or Cointreau (you can try Grand Marnier but Tania finds it not sweet enough)
2 bottles Corona or Rolling Rock beer, or any lager beer of your choice

In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients; except for the beer, stir well to mix. Add beer, serve. Tatiana doesn’t recommend putting through a blender, the fizziness of the beer works against the taste, and she definitely doesn’t recommend driving afterward. It’s stunningly and deceptively potent. It tastes as if you’re drinking a Corona with lime. And suddenly—you’re acting silly and singing in Mexican. And when you say you don’t know any Mexican, Tatiana says, that’s exactly my point.

3 Responses to “Something to Sip with your Summer Reading”
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  3. Gran'Tia says:

    hmmm…I’ve never liked the taste of beer, but this could change that!

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