The Finale: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

Our four weeks of cooking and eating under the guidance of Patricia Wells have since come to an end, but before we put our copies of Salad as a Meal up on the shelf there are a few more highlights from the participating blogs to share. And truly—the recipes in Salad as a Meal are perfect for the summer and its bounty of fresh vegetables, so we’ll be reaching for this cookbook again soon even though our cooking challenge is complete.

BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Kate Kurtz at Urban Food ProducerKate Kurtz, author of Urban Food Producer, is a soil scientist, a compost guru, a gardener, and a home cook. She is interested in all aspects of food. She loves to grow it. Somehow it always seems like a miracle to watch a seed transform into plant that she can then eat. She has loved to cook since childhood. Kate says, “While other kids were watching afternoon cartoons, my older brother and I used to watch Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, and Jeff Smith cook away on PBS.” In addition, she helped to co-found the urban farming collective, Alleycat Acres. Alleycat Acres is a 100% volunteer based organization that converts vacant lots in the city of Seattle into urban farms. The food they produce goes to volunteers and local food banks, which is delivered via bicycle. Kate uses her blog, Urban Food Producer, to discuss gardening and enjoying the harvest with fresh seasonal recipes. She is thrilled to be part of the Salad as a Meal challenge. Her last few posts in the Salad Challenge extoll the virtues of bacon and eggs for dinner, and highlight a recipe perfect for asparagus, which are peaking right now. You can follow Kate on Twitter to hear about her latest adventures in the dirt!
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