Blog Spotlight: Big Girls Small Kitchen

Photo Courtsey of Allison Badea

Editor Katie Salisbury jumps on the blog to quickly tell us about one of her favorite cooking blogs—run by two young ladies who will also be newly-minted cookbook authors later in May! Welcome, Katie.

Tired of opening the fridge and wondering what to do with all those leftovers ? Don’t know how to dice an onion without inducing a sobfest? Afraid to step foot in the kitchen after that last cooking disaster? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the antidote to your cooking woes is just a click away. is a site tailored for anyone cooking within the constraints of time, space, budget or skill, whether you’re a young professional living in a cramped apartment or a soccer mom with hungry mouths to feed. Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapine founded the site two and a half years ago and have been blogging about their cooking adventures—dinner dates, picnics in the park, and girl’s night cocktail parties—ever since. In fact, this pair of culinary experts have been swapping tips since the 7th grade when they competed in an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie bakeoff.

On the site the kitchen weary will find recipes for tasty, easy to make dishes as well as menus and guides, tutorials on basic cooking techniques, and tons of fun giveaways. Also featured is a recurring column on “Dude Food” for all the guys out there used to opening a can and zapping food in the microwave. Small Kitchen College, the new college wing of the site, offers recipes from 20 college bloggers that are simple enough to make even in a dorm room on a hot plate.

Whatever your skill level or budget, BGSK makes daily cooking fun and attainable. For my last birthday I baked their Raspberry Cake; cutting the first slice and seeing the perfectly formed layers—It’s a real cake!—was the best birthday present of all. And if you’re hankering for more BGSK, you can make Cara and Phoebe a permanent part of your cookbook shelf with their book In the Small Kitchen, which hits stores May 24.

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5 Responses to “Blog Spotlight: Big Girls Small Kitchen”
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  2. processorguy says:

    Greta blog with lots of great and quick recipes. I always love sharing this one!

  3. Gabriela says:

    onk kichu jana gelo & jene onk valo laglo.eekhn mne hche school e thkte sjhiaobmggan subjct ta k obohela kora thk hoi 2mi thkte chnta nai .asha kori vobishoteo amdr gyan er vander evabei bridhi krte thkba

  4. This site is so informative. I got lost here for a couple of hours just reading and reading. Thanks for all the hard work and now I know what I want for x-mas. The book “In The Small Kitchen” looks like something I need to have around. Thanks.

  5. The Raspberry Cake looks great! I love the smell, color and taste! I am going to but the book In the Small Kitchen for my birthsday 🙂

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