Meet Guy Fieri!

I haven’t met Guy Fieri yet (I’m counting down to the first week of May to have that honor), but I’ve heard he’s the most likeable person around.  You often wonder if those charismatic celebrities you see on TV are actually that great in real life, and in the case of Guy Fieri, word is that it’s true!

If you’d like to see for yourself, drop by one of the events for his amazing new book Guy Fieri Food.  Stay tuned for more details about the tour, but here’s the info on his two upcoming New York-area events—don’t miss out!

New Jersey: May 3 at 7:00, Bookends, 211 E. Ridgewood Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ

Long Island: May 4 at 7:00, Barnes and Noble, 91 Old Country Road, Carle Place, NY

You can check for details on future events on the Guy Fieri Food page on Hope to see you there!

5 Responses to “Meet Guy Fieri!”
  1. Nazario says:

    Hello Tahlea,I just downloaded all your poastcds from itunes and listened to the first one. I have to tell you, your voice and accent make the podcast pleasing if nothing else did. But, I was so touched by your story of coming out to your Mom, and also her response to you. My family wouldn\’t be so understanding, I would have been one of those you hear of being disowned.I am new to learning of the Wiccan path, and am looking forward to hearing more of your poastcds.Blessed be.[]

    • Boris says:

      vsi4ki istinski brugali triqdva da glasuvat dori i bez dase zamisliqt,tyva zasiqga ne samo durjavatu ni no i na6ite deca tu i dori samite nas .. Tu zatyva tredva dase glasuva,i da se premahnat izmamite v durjavatu ni .Nodokoga 6te se turpi tuva.???

  2. Ron Pelopida says:

    I was just wondering if Guy Fieri was coming anywhere close to Rhode Island and if so where?

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