Monday’s Good Bites!

Good morning! We’ve got some juicy Good Bites today.  So let’s get started…

Patricia Wells, author of Salad as a Meal (on sale now) has been seen and heard all over the country! From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, to the Modesto Bee to Epicurious, Patricia has us craving leafy greens!

The San Francisco Examiner is reporting that Guy Fieri (author of upcoming cook book Guy Fieri Foodout in early May) has replaced his stolen Lamborghini with a yellow Camaro! That’s one hot car for one hot chef.

Talk TV World is excited about Emeril Lagasse’s new show on the Cooking Channel and so are we! This May, Emeril will tour the country to pay tribute to “The Originals” (“iconic food establishments that have helped shape the country’s culinary landscape”).

One Response to “Monday’s Good Bites!”
  1. For pudding try;

    1 liter(s) heavy cream, chilled
    100 g confectioners sugar, sifted before measuring
    45 g unsweetened cocoa, sifted before measuring

    Using a chilled metal bowl and chilled beaters, whip the cream for a few minutes until it just starts to thicken. Add the sifted sugar and sifted cocoa and continue beating until thick enough to hold firm peaks.

    Note: You may make this as much as 4 hours in advance. Spoon it into a fine-strainer placed over a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use. The whipped cream will not be as light and fluffy, but it will still be fine. Any liquid at releases will drain into the bowl and will not cause the whipped cream to become runny. Once the whipped cream is added to a dessert, serve immediately.

    on top of strawberrys. Its A-Mazing!

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