Day 19: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

As a publicist, I love getting to know the media folks who cover books, and every now and then I discover a surprising connection to my past. With the Salad as a Meal Challenge, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that one of my childhood friends was a participant! Beth Phillips, who happens to write the blog Dining and Dishing, also happened to grow up on the very same street I did in good old Strongsville, Ohio. From the occasional Facebook link to her blog, I knew Beth was blogging about food and I enjoyed reading her posts, but I had no idea she’d be participating in a blog challenge inspired by my author! Read on for more info on Beth, Dining and Dishing, and this week’s roundup of Salad as a Meal Challenge links by bloggers who by now have become pros at creating meals out of salads.

Is it time for lunch yet?

BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Beth Phillips of Dining and Dishing

Beth Phillips is the Washington, DC-based author of the food blog Dining and Dishing. Beth began the blog in 2009 shortly after moving to the area from Cleveland, Ohio. She was looking for a hobby to fill her new life and with a love of good food and writing, Dining and Dishing was born. Her aim is to explore the balance between foodie fun and healthy living as a young professional in a big city. Since she began blogging, Beth has been inspired to learn as much as she can about the DC dining scene, cooking, writing, and photography. Last year she completed a food writing course and an evening culinary program at L’Academie de Cuisine just outside of the city. Beth has also recently completed a photography class. She works as an editor by day but it’s her dream to eventually turn her foodie hobby into a career.

This week during the challenge, Beth made some delicious polenta croutons … or did she?

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One Response to “Day 19: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge”
  1. I would love to believe i could do this but i know i would cave within a week!

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