Week 3: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

I admit it: I was overwhelmed by the flood of posts our SAAM Challenge bloggers wrote since Thursday evening, and that’s why this wrap-up is two days late. It seems we have two trends among the bloggers: they’re finding Patricia’s recipes easily adaptable to suit their taste preferences or nutritional needs, and they’re all tending to gravitate toward some of the same dishes over and over—clearly, Patricia knows how to create a recipe to please a crowd!

Here are the quick take-aways, but you have to click through to get their top-notch advice on how best to handle the Salad as a Meal recipes in your own kitchen, or in certain cases, tips on how to improve nutritional value (thank you, Diabetic Foodie).

  • Beware of leaving a telltale trail of yellow fingerprints everywhere when you prepare and enjoy the recipe for Homemade Curry Powder on popcorn, like Catherine did…
  • Believe it or not (and like it or not), there are ways around the saturated fat and cholesterol in homemade Ham and Cheese Bread. With a little help from her grilled-meat-loving husband, Diabetic Foodie shapes up this savory side.
  • It’s hard to beat an Asian salad for lunch, but how about an Asian salad eaten with pink chopsticks? Hillary indulges in flavor and color.
  • Tomato and vanilla go together just as well as Cleveland and cooking, Beth discovers.
  • The Chicken Salad with Green Beans, Tahini-Lemon-Yogurt Dressing, and Cilantro was prepared by two different women last week. Beth’s preparation made me think that this dish had the potential to become a staple at graduation parties and other summertime backyard parties nationwide.  Shawnie made it as the centerpiece of a ladies’ lunch, and served it on crusty French bread.
  • It’s not hot outside just yet, but our Diabetic Foodie stumbled upon a crunchy, fresh, and filling recipe that keeps your kitchen cool for those days you just don’t want to heat things up further. Another good choice for a cool kitchen is Zucchini Carpaccio, showcased here on All Things Lovely Columbus.
  • If only I lived in Columbus, I would sign up for Shawnie’s cooking class. She’s going to show how to best make the Egg Crepes with Mushrooms and Spinach.  Maybe Rella could stop by and offer her own insights into the recipe, since she just prepared it yesterday?
  • I recently bought an apartment, which means my International Travel Fund has been spent on new furniture. I’m not worried, though, because Hillary reassures me that the Provence on a Plate salad is divine. My taste buds will make it to France, at least!
  • Forget the traditional soup and salad lunch. How about the notion that soup is salad? Rella extolls the simple virtues of Patricia’s Homemade Vegetable Stock and Shawnie explains how using a blender or a food processor can change the texture of your Cilantro-Flecked Heirloom Tomato Soup.
  • If soup as salad isn’t avant garde enough for you, how about a cocktail as salad? Diabetic Foodie was reminded of a Bloody Mary when she prepared Raoul’s Shrimp Salad.
BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Shelby Kinnaird of Diabetic Foodie

Shelby Kinnaird, aka Diabetic Foodie, has always loved food. She grew up surrounded by terrific Southern cooks. Members of her family never met a bread product, dessert, or fried food they didn’t like. White flour? Always. Refined sugar? Check. Vegetable shortening in the deep fryer? You bet.

In 1999, Kinnaird found out she has type 2 diabetes. No more dessert? Watch the fat? Count carbohydrates? This didn’t sound like it was going to be much fun. There had to be a way to eat delicious food that was also healthy and diabetic-friendly. She started reading about new foods and experimenting in the kitchen. Her philosophy evolved into using fresh, local foods whenever possible, incorporating more whole grains and using healthy fats and lean proteins. She also eats more hearty dishes that happen to be vegetarian.

Her diet isn’t perfect. She still needs French fries once in a while. But, she’s found that if she tracks what she eats, keeps her daily calorie intake at about 1400 and monitors her blood glucose and weight, she does okay. She hopes that by sharing her philosophy of eating and some of her recipes, she’ll be able to help you do okay too. Follow Shelby on Twitter or fan her on Facebook.

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