Share your kitchen improv story for a chance to win a copy of The Improvisational Cook!

Award-winning cookbook author Sally Schneider is holding a contest for all you improvisational cooks out there. To enter, share your story about a kitchen improvisation you’ve attempted; success or failure–it doesn’t matter! The winner will receive a copy of her book The Improvisational Cook.

For complete details and to enter, click here. The deadline for entry is Thursday, April 14. Winners will be posted on Friday, April 15.

Check out a few of these great improv ideas:

Namec’s cook: “Made a casserole from an internet recipe out of chickpeas, shallots, herbs, cottage cheese, and lemon. It sounded wonderful, but although I made it carefully, it came out inedibly dry. (I think this might have something to do with the brand of chickpeas, because I was not alone in this result. The blog had a lot of comments about it.)

Dumped the whole thing into the blender with some leftover chicken stock and ended up with a very delicious soup. I’ll never make the casserole again, but the soup version has gone into my recipe file. Easier, too.”

Kyle S: “Every dinner is a kitchen improvisation – I stick my head in the fridge and see what is there. Every Sunday night I make a quick bread for the week, to pack for breakfast on the run. I had no lemons this week but I did have some yellow grapefruits going over the edge so I supremed the grapefruits and made a grapefruit ginger loaf – surprisingly tasty. I then used the leftover supreme rinds and fruit to stuff my Sunday roast chicken, along with some rosemary from the garden. A subtle variation, not my most brilliant, but using leftovers in unexpected ways always pleases me. As does this book, I so covet it!”

Margaret: “I moved into a new house, and left behind the drawer with built-in silverware dividers. The plastic/wood silverware trays available for purchase don’t hold as many forks, etc., as I have (I like to have parties, and have about 20 of each utensil).

I am using cream cheese boxes, which are one of my favorite containers. Bakeries/restaurants buy cream cheese that comes in 3 pound loaves, and the boxes are long, narrow, and readily available. 10″ x 3″ x 3″

They are ideal for storage. I also use them for miscellaneous kitchen utensils and spices.”

One Response to “Share your kitchen improv story for a chance to win a copy of The Improvisational Cook!”
  1. Roy says:

    because I was not alone in this result ??? what do you mean? looks like you’ve watched a Piano Briefs video lol

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