Week 2: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge

In kitchens around the nation (and in France) our eager bloggers continue to cook their way through Patricia Wells’ Salad as a Meal, and here in New York City, the Morrow Cookbooks team continues to ready the world for publication day, just eight days from today. Here is a round-up of all the marvelous dishes the SAAM Challengees have been preparing since our last recap on Thursday.

Shawnie, who writes at the inviting blog All Things Lovely…, alludes to a Christmas carol in the title of her second post in the series. I never knew what a veloute was until I read Patricia’s cookbook—how about you? Shawnie also explains what a gallette is, and takes us through her trifecta dinner. That’s right, she prepares three recipes from Salad as a Meal all to eat in one sitting with her husband. If you are still under the impression that a salad must include lettuce or some other tender, leafy green, read Shawnie’s wonderful explanation of Patricia’s Salad Theory, which expands to encompass nearly every fresh ingredient our planet has to offer.

Katherine, aka The Urban Food Producer, jumped in with two posts last week. To Katherine, salad means spring is here, and spring means it’s time to eat salads—most specifically, Chicken and Soba Noodles with Ginger-Peanut Sauce. It also means gourmet salads that can be prepared in fifteen minutes!

Shelby, who maintains her blog Diabetic Foodie, points out how adaptable and healthy the dishes in Salad as a Meal really are, since they can easily fit in to her restricted diet. This weekend, she sings the virtues of quinoa, and specifically of how Patricia’s recipe packs a lot of flavor onto the mighty grain. She also insists that it is worth the carbs to have sourdough bread along with the Crab Salad with Lime and Avocado, but suggests a way to make the salad dressing even lighter. Hey, if a diabetic tells me to eat the carbs, who am I to argue?

Catherine posted to Ciao Down about how she made the Cobb Salad as her father’s birthday meal. He even got his very own side bowl of bacon with a candle in it! After all that bacon, I was relieved to read that the dressing is extremely healthy and light.

Hillary, writing at Marche Dimanche, gives us her take on the egg crepes (which Shelby prepared last week). Apparently, you can have salad as a meal even for breakfast. http://marchedimanche.typepad.com/marche-dimanche/2011/03/salad-as-a-meal-food-challenge-day-three.html For extra credit in the SAAM challenge, Hillary posted a straight-up http://thebestcookbookslist.typepad.com/the-best-cookbooks-list/2011/03/salad-as-a-meal-by-patricia-wells.html of Salad as a Meal on her other blog.

BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT: Meg Zimbeck of Paris by Mouth

Meg Zimbeck is a freelance food and travel writer and editor of Paris by Mouth, a collaborative food & wine website that’s lucky to count Patricia Wells as a Contributing Editor. She’s looking forward to a month of Salad as a Meal to help balance out all of the delicious but heavy restaurant meals that she consumes regularly. Originally from Kansas City, Meg has been living in Paris for six years and writing about the city’s tastiest bakeries, and restaurants. For exercise, she gives gastronomic walking tours of Paris (although the chocolate and cheese might cancel out the calories burned). During the SAAM Challenge, Meg is going to increase her fitness along with her vegetable consumption, following the inspiring example of the book’s marathon-running author. We can’t wait to read all about it on her blog, and on Twitter.

Thanks everyone for tracking the Challenge on our blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. Please join in with your questions and comments, I know our bloggers would love to hear from you. We hope our bloggers’ posts are inspiring you to give Salad as a Meal a try!

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2 Responses to “Week 2: Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge”
  1. Svetlana says:

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  2. Shawnie says:

    I am having a grand old time with the Salad as a Meal cookbook- and learning a lot, as I always do from Patricia Wells’s books. I even plan to take it to Vegas & Utah with me next week to cook a few recipes using ingredients from the great Southwest. To be continued…

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