An Inspired New Take on Salad

Frankly, if you lived the life of Patricia Wells, splitting her time between Paris and Provence, who wouldn’t be inspired to create more than 100 ways to enjoy fresh, delicious ingredients in the form of hearty salads? Find out more about Patricia’s enviable French lifestyle in our Q&A with her.

Her newest book, Salad as a Meal, highlights dozens of incredible recipes developed at her house in Provence. Although it’s not on sale until April 5, you can preview some of the dishes presented in the cookbook by watching this video featuring photographs from the book. Warning: this video will stimulate your appetite!

Which one of those dishes would you most like to prepare? Click over to our Facebook page and post a comment letting us know which recipe will be the first you’ll try out, and be entered for your chance to win one of five prepub copies of Salad as a Meal. Comments must be posted by 11:59 PM March 23, 2011.

And please come by The Secret Ingredient regularly to follow the bloggers who have taken on the Four Weeks of Salad as a Meal Challenge—they’ll be blogging about their month spent preparing Patricia’s recipes.

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2 Responses to “An Inspired New Take on Salad”
  1. Sally Gawne says:

    I could become my Doctor’s dream patient and a salad lover with this book!

  2. Susan Stokes says:

    Just Beautiful..I have learned so much..Will buy a Copy and one for some Friends who would really appreciate your writng and recipes,,and Life…Much Success and Great Food Always…Susan. in .Vermont…We are a Very ,lol ,Picky Food State,,Fresh is Best,,and Buy Local,,,

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