A Time for Books and Baking, Indeed

A thing that makes me happy: seeing someone on the subway or bus reading a library book. Another thing that makes me happy: men who cook for their families. So I was tickled to learn that Paul LeClerc, the president of the New York Public Library, is not only (by definition) a library book lover and a library book reader, he is also “the designated chef in his household.” He mentions a few cookbook authors in this interview (one of them is ours), but no specific books. So, Mr. LeClerc, here’s our recommended reading list of Morrow Cookbooks that we hope will add new recipes and ideas to your repertoire.

Coffee and Cake by Rick RodgersFor breakfast for the family, if you ever feel like cutting loose from pancakes, we suggest the recipes in Alice’s Tea Cup by New York City sisters Haley and Lauren Fox, which shows you how to recreate your favorite items from the menu at the eponymous restaurant.

If you feel like making yourself a special cup of coffee while reading your morning papers, look to Coffee and Cake by Rick Rodgers for brewing tips.

We love Marcella Hazan’s recipes, too, but if on Sunday you’re just not in the mood for burgers, you might want to flip through Simple Italian Sandwiches and Simple Italian Snacks by Jason Denton and Kathryn Kellinger. Hopefully you’ve heard of Jason—he lives and works in New York City (he’s the restaurateur at ’ino, Lupa Osteria Romano, and Bar Milano).

If you want to experiment with other tried-and-true bread recipes, The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook will not let you down. Oh—and their breakfast pizza is sublime!

We love the concept of dinner and a movie, and want to support you in your efforts to keep this family tradition. You’ll love the skizzas, or flatbread pizzas, in Hudson Valley Mediterranean by Laura Pensiero, the chef and owner of Gigi Trattoria in Rhinebeck, New York. They’re an incredibly healthy alternative to your standard New York City slice. Laura also offers more than a dozen healthy recipes for amazing desserts using seasonal, locally grown ingredients.


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