Blog Spotlight: Sprouted Kitchen

I’m obsessed with food blogs! I’ve spent countless hours scrolling through hundreds of them, reading up on tips, getting great recipe ideas, and most important, enjoying the fantastic photography and food styling. The down side to this obsession is that viewing these blogs always makes me hungry, but the plus side is that they inspire me to create tasty and interesting food in my own home.

The blog that I want to spotlight today is called Sprouted Kitchen The creator, Sara, makes fresh, healthy, and clever recipes, with a focus on local ingredients that you can feel good about eating, but that are also extremely satisfying.  Just this week, I made her recipe for Lemon Kale Salad and Seared Salmon.

Not only are the recipes wonderful, but the photos she includes are dazzling.  She creates the recipes and her photographer husband produces the images. What a perfect pair—check it out and get inspired! 

2 Responses to “Blog Spotlight: Sprouted Kitchen”
  1. sara says:

    flattered – thank you 🙂 take care and best to you. Really neat site!

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