What TV or Movie-Themed Cookbook Do You Have in Your Kitchen?

As publishers, our job is to tap into the zeitgeist when choosing books to bring to market. Often this means looking to what’s hot in pop culture—TV and film—for ideas that will sell in print, too. Occasionally it makes sense to harness the trend in a cookbook. Do you all remember The Sopranos Family Cookbook, or Entertaining with the Sopranos (for which the author credit goes to Carmela Soprano—a fictional character)? I think I still have a dusty copy of Cucina & Famiglia by Joan Tucci and Gianni Scappin, since one day I’m convinced I’ll make the “Timpano Alla Big Night” (loved that movie).

It was just announced that there will soon be The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook. It’s not from us, but I couldn’t resist making a comment. I love Mad Men, and boy oh boy do I love Don Draper… but I am not so much in love with the food from the 60’s. (The cocktails and dresses—now that’s another story.) Who remembers that episode where Betty prepares her Around the World dinner, and Heineken was presented as an exotic beer? I for one am grateful that the American palate has matured and grown in sophistication since then. Many of these retro recipes I have from my mom, whose cookbook collection goes all the way back to when she got married in 1967 (Fanny Farmer is a family savior).

But what do you all think? Would you buy a cookbook like The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook and use it? What movie or show do you wish was adapted for a cookbook?

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