Cooking for Yourself Means Never Having to Let Someone Else Have the Last Bite of Chocolate Cake

Hands up, ladies, if you have had enough of the Valentine’s Day marketing machine. I am not going to market to you. Nope, instead I am just going to hold up the gorgeous and happy Suzanne Pirret as a shining example. She has blithely written a cookbook full of recipes designed to satisfy just one person—herself. Look at her couture dress! Those Louboutin strappy heels! Do you think she could afford those if she was wasting her food budget on meals for more than one person? For me, though, the most appealing part of this book jacket is the object she’s got in her left hand. That’s right, three-quarters of a bottle of Côtes du Rhône, all for her hot self.

If you’re home along tonight (or any other night) on purpose or by accident, tuck into The Pleasure Is All Mine by Ms Pirret. Her tone is irreverent (“Dinner Guests: when to delete them from your phone”) and thoughtful (her brownie recipe makes exactly enough for one single-gal portion). Every time I read her cookbook, I am reminded that a fine meal is finer when no one is there to distract me from it. I am also reminded of how much I would love to own a pair of red-soled strappy sandals.

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2 Responses to “Cooking for Yourself Means Never Having to Let Someone Else Have the Last Bite of Chocolate Cake”
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  2. This is one of my absolute fave cookbooks that is on the shelf – love her outlook!

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