Amuse Bouche: To Have and to Kill

Today mystery writer Mary Jane Clark, New York Times bestselling author of the KEY News mystery series is our featured guest blogger to celebrate the publication of her new mystery series. Why are we choosing to showcase a mystery writer, you ask? Because her books are culinary mysteries, of course! If you like a little confection with your murder mysteries, check out this sweet new series wherever books are sold. Read an excerpt of To Have and to Kill, on sale today.

They say you should write what you know. But I think it’s equally important to write what you love . . . and I love sweets. So, it’s been delicious fun coming up with the ideas for my new Wedding Cake Mystery series, featuring Piper Donovan, a struggling young actress who turns to making wedding cakes and gets involved in mystery and suspense. To Have and to Kill is the first story.

To get some idea of what Piper needed to know, I took the Wilton cake decorating course and learned how to fashion flowers, leaves, stars, and hearts out of icing. Though I haven’t made any wedding cakes yet, I did make a cake for a bachelorette party. As you can see, the professionals have nothing to worry about, but the bride and her bridesmaids declared it to be the best-tasting red velvet cake they’d ever had. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I used Duncan Hines.

To continue my education, I took a Christmas cookie decorating class at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida, last week. The pastry chef had everything set up so that none of the students could fail. She had made the gingerbread cookies in advance. Fondant snowflakes, candy canes, snowflakes, and poinsettia leaves were all cut out and waiting for us to paint and decorate. There were red and green sprinkles and blue and white glitter and royal icing to drizzle and outline. I even got my own chef’s hat!

And you know the best thing about it? Even though my decorating wasn’t the perfect, Christmas cookies look and taste better if you can tell they’re homemade.

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  1. she does not need to consider cost or feasibility. It is available at Net-a-Porter for $13,950. She put a lot of thought into this from the subtle press stud hardware

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