The Recipe Resolution

In addition to working with cookbook authors and celebrity chefs, I promote novels. One of those fiction writers posts an annual entry on her blog in which she sets her one-word resolution. That’s right, she whittles down the essence of her intentions for the upcoming year to just one word. Last year I was feeling so scattered that I decided to set my own one-word resolution, too (I came up with CELEBRATE, which sadly ended up being too ambitious a resolution). This year, when The Novelist posted her new one-word resolution (she selected BE. Geesh!) I thought, Forget this word thing. I’m going to resolve to focus on a recipe. That’s right. I am making a recipe resolution.

Even though I grew up eating food my by Italian-American aunts and nana, even though I spent nearly a year living in Italy, and even though I have lived in my own apartment with an adequate kitchen for over ten years, I have never made fresh pasta. To most this is hardly remarkable—dried pasta works just fine, and here in New York City we can easily procure high quality fresh pasta from specialty grocers, greenmarkets and supermarkets. But to me, it’s a glaring omission in the repertoire of Italian dishes I know how to cook by heart.

So for 2010, I am going to work my way through the greats of our Morrow Cookbooks list (and maybe one or two our sister imprints publish) until I am comfortable with the art of making fresh pasta. I might refer to Lidia Bastianich, Carol Fields, Patricia Wells, Sally Schneider, Biba Caggiano, Robert Irvine, Mario Batali, Laura Pensiero, Nancy Harmon Jenkins….

And now I challenge you all. What is your Recipe Resolution? What is the one dish you’ve always wanted to prepare? Post it here in the comments, and we will suggest one or two of our cookbooks that might offer the best recipes to attempt.

5 Responses to “The Recipe Resolution”
  1. Frank B says:

    I hope to be a better healthier cook in 2011. Cut back on all of the fried food and red meat and learn to have a more balance diet. I adore fish but I never learn how to cook it without frying it. That is something I need to change. Also I got a crock pot for Christmas, a device I avoided for a long time. I hope to become it’s master!

  2. Seale says:

    My resolution is to stick to an all vegetarian diet and to cook with a greater awareness about what I am making and putting in body. Tal Ronnen’s THE CONSCIOUS COOK is a great start, as is Rodales’ THE KIND DIET by Alicia Silverstone. Thanks for getting the ball rolling with this great idea, Tavia!

  3. Kayleigh says:

    Great idea, Tavia! I’m hoping to master short ribs in 2011…

  4. Tavia says:

    We got some great responses from folks on Twitter…. as soon as Cassie is back we’ll brainstorm on cookbooks that would be best for each resolution and get back to everyone! Keep the resolutions coming…

    Sally Schneider @improvised_life said “my resolution is to keep trying new ideas out to explore “What if…” ”

    @AshInMotion said “sugar free tasty desserts”

    @thepeche said “Ours is to cook thru The New Brooklyn Cookbook! Just picked it up and love it. Also to eat more pie.”

    Christine Van Bloem @frederickfoodie tweeted, “Write more recipes down, use more local, push to more challenging techniques.”

    Cara and Phoebe of the Big Girls, Small Kitchen blog @BGSK shared, “vegetarian mains, and more homemade bread. “

  5. Kim says:

    Great idea! My recipe resolution is to learn to make mango chutney. I absolutely love it when I go out for Indian food, so it would be nice to add this recipe to my growing list “can make” recipes.

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