Taking Over Sunday Dinner: Spaghetti alle Vongole

The New Brooklyn Cookbook by Brendan and Melissa VaughanWelcome back to another story about taking over the big Italian Sunday Dinner from my father, Papa B, as he recovers from shoulder surgery.  I started off my reign by making Braised Pork from the New Brooklyn Cookbook and last week I made Stuffed Meatloaf from Mario Batali’s Molto Italiano.

Now after all the epic eating that I hope everyone enjoyed for Thanksgiving, the last thing anyone wanted to see was another meat dish. Last week I admitted to not being a fan of pasta. I know, I know—not everyone has gotten over the shock of hearing that statement from an Italian.  So, keeping to my promise, I made a pasta dish this past Sunday.

I gave Papa B and my lovely Wifey B a stack of cookbooks and asked them to pick the pasta dish they wanted me to make. They looked long and hard and both agreed on the Spaghetti alle Vongole from the New Brooklyn Cookbook.

The alluring aroma of garlic, oil, and spices filled the house instantly, and when the clams hit the sizzling pan, the dish truly came to life. One bit of advice is keep to a steady vigilance over the clams as they cook. Once they pop open, be sure to remove them to a separate plate as the recipe instructs. Otherwise, you’ll be left with dried-up clams. The one thing I did change, as the pictures show, was that I replaced the spaghetti with linguine.

The garlic and clams made this dish very enjoyable. Also, the recipe is very easy and quick, and perfect for last-minute dinner guests, because it looks fantastic.  It made the perfect meal after the traditional Thanksgiving meat overload.

3 Responses to “Taking Over Sunday Dinner: Spaghetti alle Vongole”
  1. Mike Kapp says:

    Garlic, oil, clams…Sign me up, kid!

  2. Salvatore Manno says:

    Bro…what a great concept….it’s like you took two favorite Italian dishes (Linguini with White Clam sauce and Pasta E Olio) and you combined it into one dish! I would have never thought to try it this way. Great work! This recipe you have to send me. I think my son would go nuts for this….I’m also intrigued to know how you add your garlic? Minced…chopped…whole cloves…a little of both…I’ve been noticing that sometimes I put my garlic in pasta the wrong way and it swallows up the flavor.

  3. EastCoastSportsChick says:

    As a fellow Italian, your dislike for pasta saddens me, but this sounds like a great dish! I could imagine the smell of sauteeing garlic as I read and instantly got hungry…

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