Rescuing Thanksgiving Leftovers with the Pioneer Woman’s Turkey Pot Pie

The turkey has been carved, the pie plates have been wiped clean, and you’re still feeling the effects of those three helpings of mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving’s over and, along with a full stomach, you’ve likely got a fridge full of “the other, other white meat.” So what are you supposed to do with all that turkey? In years past, my family has always championed the classic Thanksgiving sandwich—sliced turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and warm gravy on a sturdy roll. Delicious! But even Joey Tribbiani can’t eat more than a couple of these bad boys without swearing off sandwiches for good (or at least until Monday!).

In our quest to find a better use for our beloved turkey, we decided to add something new to the mix last year—The Pioneer Woman’s Leftover Turkey Pot Pie. It’s since worked its way to the top of our leftovers rotation. Not only does it finish off a good amount of the turkey, but it also rescues the remaining onion and celery used to make the stuffing. If you’re like me and keep a steady supply of Perfect Pie Crust in your freezer, then the rest of the recipe is a cinch. Stick the veggies in a food processor for some no-effort dice. And don’t forget the wine! I know it’s optional, but it adds an extra kick that’s just too good to miss.

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